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ITW SprayCore Receives NMMA Innovation Award

Every year the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) recognizes innovation on the part of key suppliers to the Marine Industry. ITW SprayCore is both pleased and proud to announce that we received the coveted NMMA Innovation Award for the versatile sprayable syntactic SprayCore 4000® during the 2002 Boat Building show in Atlanta, GA.

The NMMA Innovation Award program recognizes products that best meet the following criteria: innovative distinction from other product currently being manufactured, benefit to the marine industry and to the consumer, practicality and cost-effectiveness. SprayCore 4000 met and exceeded the criteria in every category.

The NMMA panel of judges was very impressed with SprayCore 4000. The judges said that “SprayCore 4000 has not reached its full potential in the marine industry, but three of its current applications warrant recognition.”

SprayCore 4000 is a MACT compliant sprayable syntactic that can be used as a barrier coat, core material and wood replacement in construction of the laminate structures in the marine and other industries. This versatile material greatly improves quality, increases production thru-put and reduces costs, therefore positively impacting the bottom line. Because SprayCore 4000 combines three products into one, it can easily be applied at one station using the same piece of equipment.

Winning of the 2002 NMMA Innovation Award represents a breakthrough in ITW SprayCore’s ongoing efforts to familiarize the marine industry with the new and innovative techniques in laminate structure manufacturing. NMMA recognition of SprayCore 4000 as a practical and cost-effective boatbuilding material will undoubtedly open many new doors and validate and strengthen the ITW SprayCore’s current market leader position.

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