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ITW SprayCore
Inventing Sprayable Syntactics
For Building Lighter, Stronger Laminates

What began as a small company in Wildwood, Florida, in 1989, soon reengineered the boat building and FRP industries by introducing sprayable laminates that are lighter and stronger than hand-applied materials.

Through extensive research and development, ITW SprayCore today is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of innovative sprayable syntactic materials and sprayable industrial coatings that improve product quality while increasing manufacturing efficiencies and reducing emissions.

Acquired in 1996 by Fibre Glass-Evercoat, a division of Illinois Tool Works Inc, ITW SprayCore continues to grow and innovate. In 2002, the company’s SprayCore® 4000 product won the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Innovation Award for its multi-functional features. In 2003, ITW SprayCore acquired the resin business of Magnum Venus Products, expanding the sprayable product line and combining superior technologies under one brand. In 2004, the company relocated headquarters from Cincinnati, Ohio to Clearwater, Florida, and increased ITW SprayCore’s manufacturing capacity.

ITW SprayCore markets its award-winning, patented products under the brand names of SprayCore® and AlphaCoat®. SprayCore sprayable barrier coats, coring and wood replacement materials are used to construct composite structures that are lighter and stronger than laminates built with other products. AlphaCoat sprayable fillers/primers are a series of modified polyesters designed to protect and improve cosmetics of various substrates by reducing the sanding, preparation time and labor required for a Class A finish.

ITW SprayCore’s largest client base remains boat builders, including AquaSport®, Chaparral®, Chris-Craft®, Cobalt Boats®, Crownline®, Four Winns®, Glastron®, Grady-White®, Hydra-Sports®, Larson®, Monterey Boats®, Ranger Boats®, Wellcraft®, and many other premier boat manufacturers. ITW SprayCore continues expanding into other markets, such as pools and spas, tubs and showers, and transportation, including trucks and recreational vehicles.

ITW SprayCore wants success for its clients and treasures its long-lasting relationships with customers. We listen to customers, and work with them to develop products that address their needs and solve their problems.

ITW SprayCore is committed to increasing manufacturer efficiencies and savings, as well as addressing environmental concerns such as reducing Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions and meeting the EPA’s Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards. All ITW SprayCore products are available in formulas that meet or exceed legal and environmental requirements.

ITW SprayCore shares the time-tested 80/20 business planning process of its parent company, ITW. We do business with integrity and intensity, an all-out commitment to quality and a shop-floor understanding that earning the trust of the customer is everyone's job, every day.

ITW SprayCore is proud of its products, services and expert staff. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about the innovative applications of ITW SprayCore products.

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