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Build a Better Boat With SprayCore® Onboard

To succeed in the highly competitive boatbuilding industry, progressive manufacturers employ more efficient, less-costly production methods. Companies who embrace innovative technologies thrive at the expense of those who are slow to change.

ITW SprayCore technology helps manufacturers build better looking, lighter, stronger and more durable boats in less time, at lower cost, and in a healthier environment.

  • Because SprayCore barrier coats block print-through from the laminate skin coat to the exterior gelcoat, you will get a better looking boat right out of the mold, and superior gloss and cosmetics throughout the life of the boat.
  • Because SprayCore barrier coats can be applied before the gelcoat is cured completely, and the skin coat can be applied before the SprayCore is cured completely, you will see a reduction in lamination time of up to 30%.
  • Because of its excellent adhesive properties and spray-on application, which reduces air voids associated with hand lay-up, you will produce stronger, more durable boats.
  • Because it eliminates the need for wood and heavy putties, SprayCore coring materials can reduce the weight of a 26’ boat by up to 140 pounds without sacrificing strength or durability, resulting in lighter, faster boats with significantly improved fuel economy.
  • Because it speeds production, improves lamination quality and eliminates rework, SprayCore can increase boat production by up to 200% and can reduce boat labor costs by up to 30% (on a 26’ boat, SprayCore can reduce labor by 16 to 20 hours for a cost savings of $225-$300 per boat).
  • Because of multiple uses, SprayCore products reduce overhead expenses - including inventory, capital equipment, clean-up and maintenance costs.
  • Because SprayCore wood replacement is as strong as or stronger than plywood but has no knots, flaws and will not rot, SprayCore eliminates warranty issues associated with wood coring.
  • Because SprayCore low-styrene products have lower styrene content, plant VOC emissions are reduced significantly.
Boost production, not emissions - click here to read a case study about Low Styrene Sprayable Materials
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