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ITW SprayCore Provides Proactive Solutions for Your FRP Needs

As more designers, engineers and manufacturers discover the benefits of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), the industry continues to expand as a major provider of products. But with this popularity comes a demand for faster production rates. In response, manufacturers are moving toward replacing hand lay-up with alternative fabrication processes and automating those processes wherever possible. Complying with regulations also has added to the cost of being in the composites business.

You can count on ITW SprayCore to anticipate your needs and provide you with proactive solutions to build better looking, lighter, stronger and more durable products in less time, at a lower cost, and in a healthier environment. ITW SprayCore manufactures an extensive line of products (available in low styrene) to serve a variety of FRP markets - both open molding and closed molding processes. End products manufactured using ITW SprayCore technologies include everything from bath tubs and shower stalls, pools and spas, RVs, camper tops and truck bed covers to windmill blades for electrical power generation.

  • Because of its exceptional finish and durability, SprayCore is ideal for the production of molds. It provides superior heat dissipation, blocking secondary laminate heat and print-through, resulting in molds with a 30% to 40% longer service life.
  • Because SprayCore coring materials offer rigidity without having to use a lot of fiberglass, it is particularly useful in long flat areas such as pools, and it results in thickness and stiffness without weight.
  • Because SprayCore barrier coat’s contrasting color helps workers gauge coating thickness and spot air bubbles when rolling out a skin coat, SparyCore improves lamination quality.
  • Because SprayCore barrier coat can be applied before the gelcoat is cured completely, and the skin coat can be applied before the SprayCore is cured completely, you will see a reduction in lamination time of up to 30%.
  • Because of multiple uses, SprayCore products reduce overhead expenses - including inventory, capital equipment, clean-up and maintenance costs.
  • Because its spray application virtually eliminates air entrapment and voids behind the gelcoat, and because its superior strength, tensil elongation, and fade resistance prevents the ropagation of pin air into stress cracks in the gelcoat – SprayCore barrier coats reduce warranty repairs of both stress cracks and impact cracks.
  • Because SprayCore barrier coats improve the finish and gloss of composites by preventing print-through from the laminate skin coat to the exterior gelcoat, SprayCore sprayable materials can help you build products with a smoother, longer-lasting finish.
  • Because SprayCore low-styrene products have lower styrene content, plant VOC emissions are reduced significantly.
Boost production, not emissions - click here to read a case study about Low Styrene Sprayable Materials
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