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     Barrier Coats
Use SprayCore® Barrier Coats to improve the cosmetic appearance and speed of production of FRP products. Developed with a hybrid vinylester, SprayCore Barrier Coats are applied directly behind the gel coat to provide an exceptional osmotic barrier and print barrier to the skin coat.

SprayCore Barrier Coats help you cut costs for finishing, labor, manufacturing and warranty, thanks to:

  • High resistance to water permeation improves blister resistance
  • Quick-curing formula boosts cosmetics by stopping print through from laminate skin coat
  • Excellent flexural strength and fatigue resistance reduces impact cracks
  • High strength/weight ratio plus adhesive properties mean reliable secondary bonding to gel and skin coat
  • Spray-on application dramatically reduces or eliminates air entrapment behind the gel coat, reducing warranty cost
  • Rapid application and quick cure cycle make faster mold turnaround, increasing throughput
  • Reduced emissions (MACT compliant) because of low styrene level – less than 28%
- SprayCore 1500-LS
- SprayCore 1800 LS Black
- SprayCore 1800-LS
- SprayCore 3500
- SprayCore 4000 HDT

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