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     Coring Materials
Use SprayCore Coring Materials to construct composite laminates that are stronger than laminates built with balsa, PVC foams and other coring materials. The VOC-compliant sprayable syntactic is a resin-based matrix filled with multi-sized, hollow microspheres.

In addition to strength, SprayCore Coring Materials make FRP parts lighter, improve impact resistance, reduce manufacturing, finishing and warranty costs, thanks to:

  • Improved cosmetics by stopping print from bulk laminate
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Use for open and closed molding applications
  • Quick cure cycle with low exotherm makes faster mold turnaround and increases productivity
  • Application to a controlled thickness up to ¾" by a single person, saving on labor
  • Will not rot like wood cores
  • Reduced emissions (MACT compliant) because of low styrene level – less than 28% – helping create a healthier workplace and cleaner environment
- SprayCore 2000-CM
- SprayCore 2000-OS
- SprayCore 2000-OS LS
- SprayCore 2045
- SprayCore 3100
- SprayCore 4000 HDT
- SprayCore 6000
- SprayCore 7315

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