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     Radius Compounds
Use SprayCore Radius Compound to improve the cosmetic appearance and speed of production of FRP products. Developed with a ceramic compound resin, the brushable or sprayable Radius Compound is most commonly used in tight radii and edges to prevent air voids between the gelcoat and the fiberglass laminate.

SprayCore Radius Compound helps you increase production throughput by eliminating costly and time-consuming work in the final finish of your FRP products, thanks to:

  • Low viscosity, low filled, reactive compound ensures our products will mix, flow and level evenly, as well as cure quickly and thoroughly in very thin films
  • Reduced glass print improves exterior gelcoat appearance
  • No fiberglass spring back - the problem of trapped air between the gelcoat and the skin coat laminate
  • Eliminated heat lines commonly associated with resin-rich radii
  • No gel chipping to repair, and no need for color match or patching
- SprayCore 1050
- SprayCore 1060
- SprayCore 900
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