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     Tooling Materials
Use SprayCore Tooling Materials to enhance the cosmetic appearance, rigidity and speed of production of fiberglass reinforced molds. The ceramic compounded vinylester/polyester resin blend is applied behind the skin coat laminate and greatly reduces the print through of the subsequent laminates onto the tooling gelcoat.

SprayCore Tooling Material helps you build stronger fiberglass reinforced molds faster and more economically, thanks to:

  • Rapid application, quick cure cycle and low shrinkage make faster mold turnaround, increasing throughput
  • Spray-on application reduces air trapped behind the gelcoat and also helps reduce the transfer of the fiberglass pattern onto the tooling gelcoat
  • Mixes and sprays easily – with minimal spraying experience
  • Formula makes for a rigid mold – no need to increase thickness through the addition of laminates – saving time and reducing glass fiber print
  • Very high heat distortion temperature
- SprayCore 1055
- SprayCore 2000-HS
- SprayCore 4055
- SprayCore 4100
- SprayCore 4500
- SprayCore 4600 HTT
- SprayCore 8000
- SprayCore VELR 4000
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