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     Polyester Adhesive Putties
Use SprayCore’s strong, ultra-light or lightweight (6 lbs/gal or 9 lbs/gal) Polyester Adhesive Putty to bond fiberglass parts as well as fill strakes and tight radii. Primarily used in the marine industry and formulated for use in pails or with dispensable machines, this high output and uniformly catalyzed adhesive putty minimizes waste and ensures a consistent high strength bonded product, which will gel and cure evenly in both thick and thin cross sections.

SprayCore Polyester Adhesive putty helps you increase production throughput and cut costs, thanks to:

  • Smooth creamy texture is less abrasive on equipment, spreads easily and without tearing
  • Low shrinkage (less than 1%) and low exotherm allows for casting very thick cross sections without cracking
  • High viscosity, thixotropic putty hangs well on vertical and inverted surfaces – builds up to 3 inches without sagging
  • High output pump dispensable putty – pump up to 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Formulated for slow or fast gel time
- SprayCore PDR 6000
- SprayCore PDR 9000
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