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Use AlphaCoat® Fillers/Primers over iron, metal, aluminum, SMC, fiberglass and wood to fill most major pits, grind marks, casting flaws and surface imperfections serving as a base for a Class A finish. The patented, sprayable two-part polyester-based compound features very low VOCs.

AlphaCoat Fillers/Primers eliminate multi-step finishing processes, improve cosmetic appearance, and decrease production time, thanks to:

  • Extremely fast cure time helps speed up production
  • Formula offers high-build capability and can be multiple coated without sanding or sealer for subsequent coating adhesion
  • Excellent for leveling uneven surfaces and easier to work than typical plastic filler material
  • Extremely fast sanding, without sandpaper clogging, reduces material cost
  • Prevents out gassing
  • Moisture and corrosion resistant
- AlphaCoat 1700
- AlphaCoat 1710
- AlphaCoat 200

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