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Build a Better Laminate with SprayCore®
Sprayable Syntactic Materials

SprayCore product line is designed to improve quality while increasing manufacturing efficiencies. It includes award-winning, sprayable barrier coats, coring materials, wood replacement, radius compounds, putties, tooling materials, and other highest quality polyester and vinylester products.

SprayCore products simplify and accelerate the lamination process, while reducing labor and warranty costs. Composites constructed using SprayCore are lighter and stronger than laminates built with other products. All SprayCore products are available in formulas that meet or exceed legal and environmental requirements, resulting in a healthier work place and cleaner work environment.

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- Barrier Coats
- Bedding Adhesives
- Blowing Agent
- Coring Materials
- Fairing Compounds
- Finishing Putties
- Laminating Resins
- Polyester Adhesive Putties
- Plug Building
- Radius Compounds
- Tooling Materials
- Transom Material
- Universal
- Wood Replacement

SprayCore Materials
in a Laminate Structure
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